Strix's cloud based technology allows you to operate anywhere you have access to the internet, on any device, any time. This means you do not need to purchase software, download updates or worry about working around your system's firewall(s). Simple flat rate per file pricing means you can change, edit and re-transmit your ISF's and Entry Summaries at no additional cost.

Strix's technology is part of a sophisticated web based application that allows users to enter required data elements and pull that information to the Customs entry with the simple click of a button. The combination of ease of use and automation continues to make Strix the fastest growing Self-Filing technology today.

Strix makes the complex simple!


For repetitive ISFs with the same entities, our easy to use template feature allows users to automate the ISF filing process.


Strix remembers every name, address and HTS code entered into the system. Once you begin to type that name or HTS code, you will be provided with a drop down to auto-populate the rest of the data with one click.

Unlimited Users

Importers can add as many users as necessary to operate a self-filing program. Risk management tools allow for multiple people within your company to file as well as outside vendors to populate ISF information. Visibility to supply chain information can be restricted or allowed.


We encourage users to utilize Strix's email reminder feature. This feature will automatically send an email to selected parties 48 hours prior to the ETD if the ISF has not received a bill match, prompting users to log into their account to resolve the issue.


Strix allows you to download all of your entry and PGA information to Excel spreadsheets including duties, fees and taxes at the line level. Comprehensive reporting is always available and if you don't see what you need, ask us and we can look at customizing a report to meet your needs.

Parts List

Strix offers a comprehensive parts database capability that keeps track of the item(s) you import. This helps you manage and uniformly apply tariff classification, value, country of origin, quantity and Free Trade Agreements. As a result, Strix gives your company the flexibility to quickly adapt to new sourcing strategies.

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